#insideout – Fashion Revolution Day


It’s Fashion Revolution Day (see BOF) and you are supposed to show the world your Zara’s, Primark’s and Co.’s or run down to the Eco store and get an organic T-shirt for the day. If you do one of these I don’t think Fashion Revolution Day makes any sense at all. Instead of doing the scientist girl today, wearing my T-shirt inside out, because my head is in the cloud, I took out my T-shirts instead and organized them according to type and organic cotton value. For someone like me who buys out of necessity or just instant “love on first sight and 50++% off”, I own two organic T-shirts, 4 T-shirts I collected over the years and 9 every day T-shirts which should be partly organic cotton but it seems to me they were only on the package I bought them in. The good thing now is that I know that I lack fashion consciousness when it come to my T-shirts organic factor, the bad news is that right now I cannot do anything about it. I am not going to buy new T-shirts and throw out the ones with no organic on it. The only thing I can do is buy organic if I need to replace my standard T-shirts in the future.

I am currently reading Peter Lynch’s Beating the Street stock market investing book and came across one quote I really liked:

Peter Lynch business/ Fashion Revolution Day

It has a deeper meaning than just knowing in what you invest. When you look at the picture I put of my scarce (compared to the rest of my wardrobe, I have to admit it’s rather tragic) T-shirt collection, I have a story to tell about every one of them and another story for the basic collection. Ask yourselves today when you open your closets, “What’s in here and why do I have all of it?”. Can you tell a story about every pair of jeans and do you know how many you possess without looking? I think being conscious about what you own and why you own it is far more important than wearing your T-shirt inside out for the day. I am not trying to put down the Fashion Revolution Day, but you should see why they ask you to turn around your clothes, to have a closer and deeper look and to understand your wardrobe instead of just adding trends every season. It is not a call to run out and buy organic and throw out the good stuff you already have, it is a question of how much you care for what you have.

In my T-shirt collection:
1 Greenpeace organic cotton I had for 10 years now. It states that you should use positive energy and reject negative one.
1 Filipa K V-neck white, I bought as a response to the Scandinavian Fashion in Stockholm. I wear it happily as a luxurious piece.
1 Harvard and 1 UCLA T-shirt I got from my BF when he visited Boston and Los Angeles.
1 Have a nice day T-shirt my mother gave me for no reason.
1 Rolling Stone I snatched away from an American woman in an outlet store in Basel 4 years ago.
1 Isabel Marant to wear with my cool jeans.
1 Benetton I have for three years now and used to paint the house.
7 Basic ones from Muji which should include some organic cotton ones. I wear them under everything casual and to do sports.
Tell me, how many stories do you have in your closet?

I just checked the web and haven’t found anything about this event on Style.com or any of the fashion blogs I frequent…it must be the first fashion related movement the general crowd doesn’t get excited about, I wonder if they are busy searching for organic cotton in their wardrobes.


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