My working music: Chopin's Nocturnes

Sometimes I feel like the last person with a smartphone who is not using Spotify…but it doesn’t mean I am tone deaf, I hope. On my way to work I use my bf’s old Ipod. It doesn’t really has a lot of music so I mostly listen to the same stuff while going by train, but this routine is somehow comforting. At work I open youtube and search for my favourite classics. Pop music is not necessarily on my playlist when it comes down to deep concentration. I tried Bach piano music by Glenn Gould for a while, than Mozart and ended up listening to the Nocturnes by Chopin. Chopin is probably my best working music because it is quite emotional but in a relaxing kind of way. Bach made my brain feel like I was solving math equations and during Mozart I started to literally jump around on my chair. To much “joie de vivre” for the office. My favourites are Brigitte Engerer and Mauricio Pollini, there is hardly anything better out there.




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