How's your accounting?

Saving Spending Buffet

Normally I never talk about money here, I prefer to talk about quality buys. There is another Warren Buffet quote I like a lot and it goes like this:

Price is what you pay and value is what you get.

I started accounting for everything I pay since November last year after taking an online finance class (totally recommended if you find a good one). Sometimes it is shocking on how much I spend and how hard it is to save something after all is paid and the shopping is done. I realized pretty fast that a goodwill of less spending is not enough to keep the money in the bank so when I came across this quote of one of the richest and financially most successful persons, I had an immediate change of mind. The idea of saving before spending is so simple but makes such a difference. It restricts you even before you go out there and buy anything you might not need and puts an amount on your savings account without any restrictions at the beginning of the month. Everybody who reads a fashion blog loves beautiful things and we all shop at some point more than we actually need. But to reach any financial goal it is necessary to control the excess of spending and save in an intelligent way. Even if you save to buy something you really want in the end, this concept Buffet describes in one simple sentence is a perfect fit.

Saving Spending Buffet


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