Preparing for summer…

Self Tanners Body Shop

I am getting more and more into beauty products and the latest experiment I started is self-tanning. This Body Shop self-tanning face lotion I bought actually by accident, I never had in mind to use self-tanners in the first place. Living in Madrid it is quite easy to get the sunshine necessary for a nice tan but somehow it is not that easy at all. Madrid doesn’t have a beach and the temperatures do not really rise that much until June to really walk around in a Tshirt and short pants or even a bikini at the pool. So normally I wouldn’t really get tanned before the end of July after two months at the pool after office hours.

Besides not depending on the sun, self-tanners have one important advantage to traditional tanning: you don’t get exposed that much to the UV rays, which can damage your skin if you spend too much time in the sun without protection. So I will be testing the Body Shop face lotion and the Bronceado body lotion from Deliplus this spring. They say the effect should be visible in 4 days so I will be staring at my skin for a while now…

Self Tanners Body Shop

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