White is the new Black??!

white black

With the white pump I got the feeling that last year one of the last fashion taboos got broken and really everything is now free to appear on the catwalk. Instead of being reminded of nurses and hospital shoes I now think of heels with jeans and fashionable ladies posing for streetstyle photographers, when I hear white shoes. White is actually not such a bad color if you mix it with some bordeaux it even is immediately sophisticated, well let’s say it’s not the actual wine that ends up on your coat (I have seen this one happening, and it is an ugly sight). So I put some of my favorite white things onto a pinboard (just virtually) just because we all have something white in our closets and before we start shopping for the spring collections, it might be nice to search for this invaluable fashion pieces once more.

The shirt by Leandra Medine,
The coat by this pretty Lady with the red lips,
Elin Kling all in white for her H&M collection,
The Converse,
The summer dress,
The jeans by the French editor and
The Céline heel.

white dressing

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