On quotes…and how they inspire me

Madrid Reina Sofia


A good quote can make you remember wisdom you knew once, a great quote leaves you speechless.

I frequently read and collect quotes, publish them on Pinterest, Twitter, Facebook and even here in the right sidebar. Quotes, for me, are a powerful tool which makes me realize within seconds of reading them that all my thinking and doing just didn’t get to the point when I don’t follow my own path. Take this quote above for example: We all believe that we are right, doing what we want and ignoring the reaction we get from others. We later blame it on ignorance when we get misunderstood and get into situations when we act selfishly. But once we reflect deeply enough it becomes obvious that it is our own battle against the little fears and misunderstandings that we have to win first before we take on the world.
On the other hand quotes are not meant to be only read or told but to be experienced. The situation I just described is probably a process of decades and I understood it for myself once I started living alone and had the time to think about myself in a deeper way. You cannot change in one day or by reading one sentence, you change everyday little by little if you are trying sincerely.
If you wondered why I sometimes post quotes more often than for example fashion news or street style on this blog, it is the little battles we all have in common.


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