Shopping Instinct

Pullover Bordeaux Shopping Instinct

I am not really sure if this is just exaggerating or if something like a Shopping Instinct exists. Sometimes I have this urge to go look at certain stores I like, and most of the time I think I will just be window shopping, just to find myself in a fortunate situation.
Most of the times it includes the last piece of a line of clothing, a pair of jeans, a pullover or jacket, my size, my style and 70% off…no way I will let this escape my closet. And no guilt whatsoever. Somehow it seems to be a mix of timing, this is were the instinct to hunt comes in, an eye for a bargain and the ability to grab it while it’s still there…or the inability to resist. Today I am rather happy to get my hands on a bordeaux, cashmere/silk, oversized, Italian pullover for 70% off. It must be a lucky day no? What do you think of my shopping instinct theory?


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