Wardrobe Stories: 3 blue shirts

Casual Style Shirts Blue

After a long Christmas break it’s time to start going again with the blog and some style tips for January. Style tips, hes I haven’t done this for a while now, being busy with learning more about photography and a long year traveling around.

I am actually happy that 2013 finally said goodbye. I had quite a list of achievements I wanted to finish happily with. I moved five times, changed countries twice and before coming back to Madrid after 6 months in Stockholm, went to San Francisco on my first oversea trip. Between Stockholm and Madrid I even spent one month “homeless” traveling around with minimum luggage, quite an experience for someone who is used to a big wardrobe for each season…

Just before the holiday season I had to move to my current house where I am quite happy, but all this took a lot of energy and I ended up ill during all Christmas and just recovered a few days before the end of the holidays. So welcome 2014! I can’t wait to move houses less, have more fun and take much more pictures this year!

I started January with a mayor cleaning of my wardrobe and decided to concentrate more on the three pieces I like the most and put them in a front spot to never have to search for them. Here are my three favorite shirts from FOLK, Henrik Vibskov and AKOG.
The concept of having three favorites of each kind of clothing is an idea I picked up this month and I want to make this my new “favorite pieces wardrobe” inside my wardrobe…stay tuned for whats coming next.

FOLK shirt blue
AKOG jeans shirt blue
Henrik Vibskov shirt blue


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