Getting ready for autumn?!


With every season (one of) the worst nightmare(s) for me is to get my wardrobe changed from summer to winter or vice versa. There is this moment which normally lasts about 10 minutes…
when I look through my all-time favourites which didn’t end up in the recycle bin last season, remember how happy I am to be blessed with such good taste, and after I get back to reality, I feel bored with my clothes again. After the dust cloud disappears, and with it the exaggerated and idealistic view I have of my wardrobe, it is time to start over and realise what is missing for this season and where the empty spots are. This year I got influenced pretty much by my trip to Scandinavia and so when I headed out for shopping I ended up wit 3 bags of casual and comfy clothes.
As you can see my shoes are sneakers and converse and I started to buy more jeans than I have matching shirts…but this is the rather clueless way I start into a new season before I get more organised when it finally arrives.
What are your new season rituals?

Shoes by Converse and New Balance
Jeans by Calvin Klein and Isabel Marant
Shirt by Isabel Marant


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