Mixing Summer and Winter

Streetstyle Stockholm Men

In love and in game everything is allowed ( sorry for my bad translation from German), but what about fashion? I learned the last three months that dressing for a Swedish summer is not that straightforward. The days can start with warm sunshine and Tshirt weather and end with me wearing a pullover, a raincoat and looking for a store selling winter-like jackets.

Besides changes in temperatures there are other extremes like mixing contradictory pieces of clothes. Today I saw a guy wearing flip flops and a hoodie at 25˚C, in standard Swedish black, white and grey…

Stockholm Street Style

Another not so forgotten fashion tabu is the revival of the German tourist with his socks up the knees and sandals…let’s not imagine it for now but there is a different version of it here in Stockholm where the sandals have turned into black leather shoes worn with black socks on one of the hottest days of the year…short pants and a straw hat…

Stockholm Street Style

Maybe it has an appeal or is just standard in Södermalm but I don’t really see the sense in mismatching winter and summer wardrobe. But I am not here to judge I just comment on what I see on the streets and am curious about. Anyone understands the mismatching trend here in Stockholm or do you even mismatch yourself?


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