What to do with an empty wardrobe?

Life in Stockholm is great, the weather is fantastic, the air is fresh and the possibilities to enjoy my time are infinite. There is only one little problem: I came here with one suitcase and I am bored of my clothes…

wardrobe illustration

This would not be a disaster as big as I think it is if I would just go shopping more. It is true there are plenty of shops and they are not expensive and I have been living without shopping much besides some Converse since April but… I just don’t want to start shopping. I have a full wardrobe in Madrid and I will be back in 3 weeks so what’s the point. When I move back I have to pack again and then I will just be annoyed by so many clothes I accumulated again.

SO! Let’s make some strategy… I will allow myself one pair of short jeans for summer, a pair of sunglasses ( even though I destroyed the last 3) and a new haircut.

Anybody ever had this empty  wardrobe problem when staying short-term somewhere, how do you manage to not get bored of your fantastic clothes after a while?


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