All things new!

mobile madrilicious

After so many changes over the last week I thought it might be a good idea to introduce you to some new features on the blog. You probably realised the new layout and the better alignment of each object on the blog to the previous version. I have written a complete new theme including stylesheet and java-effects.

Besides the design, which has become more visual and less cluttered, I also included some new features. When we go from top to bottom you will see a new logo and  find a much simpler navigation bar without any submenus. There is also the current date for those like me who get lost once in a while. I probably should include the weekday…

There is a new featured post with a widescreen image and each post has it’s own box and is separated by colour from the others. On each extract you can find a like button which is for pressing and the posts are now also categorised by tags.

like button Madrilicious

On the left you will find the new sidebar with some new entries. First I included the quotes, which you can click and read through them. Then there is a new search result page via google, which is pretty fast and I like it a lot.

I created new social network buttons especially for Madrilicious which get illuminated when you slide over them.

Street Style is now available on the sidebar where I will have different inspirational pictures more frequently .

I also added two shopping guides for Madrid and Basel which you can access via the sidebar and Stockholm is coming soon as well.

On the bottom, above the footer, you will find a link to my online store in the future and I also want to integrate it into the blog…

The mobile version for Ipad and Tablets is online as well so you can get crazy there 🙂

I really hope you like the new design and have fun browsing!!!!


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