Sigtuna – Where the Vikings are

Sigtuna Sweden

I haven’t left Stockholm since April, so the trip to Sigtuna last weekend was quite an exciting adventure. Staying in one place for 2 months has become a special experience as I cannot remember when I did this the last time. I hardly ever stay in Madrid an entire month without going somewhere else in between.

So back to Sigtuna which is the oldest settlement in Sweden with about 1000 years of history and it looks pretty nice for this high age. A big lake and forest is surrounding the city and as a tourist you have to go hunting for ruins and viking rune stones, of course. But first we had a BBQ, which is just what you do here in Sweden at least once a week and afterwards we moved around a bit until we had seen three rune stones, 2 ruins, climbed some hills and got a bit of a tan as the weather is becoming very much what I would call summer. Can you imagine? I have seen a girl in a bikini while I was wearing my spring clothes and still thought about buying a jacket… crazy Sweds…
Sigtuna Sweden Rune Stone
Sigtuna Sweden Lake
Sigtuna Sweden Lake
Sigtuna Sweden Ruins

Sigtuna Sweden Vikings


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