Stockholm Dress Code #1

A Dress Code is a rule by which people dress to belong to a certain society, at a party, in a sports team or a social group. Those rules can be written down on an invitation or just a norm people live by copying others. Here in Stockholm I observe a lot of these dress codes by which people live every day. Especially as I arrived just a few weeks ago it is very interesting to make a mental note every time I come over someone who dresses in one of these ways.

Converse All Star Bordeaux

I personally like rules which are flexible but give structure at the same time. They also make me think that I start understanding the fashion image of Stockholm every day a bit more.

Converse All Star Bordeaux

So let’s talk about what the Swedish have on their feet and how they mix it with their outfits. I have seen All Stars everywhere by now. After the workout Nikes in black and neon they are the most popular every day shoe. Preferably in white or black and worn down a bit, they go with casual jeans and black sheer long skirt, a black or white tank top and a black leather jacket. Wear a pair of sunglasses and dye your hair blond and voila you are a Swedish style icon… ok it’s not that easy but you made a big step forward buying a pair of Converse and walking a few miles in them to make them look a bit old.

I got myself a pair just to have some every day walking shoes and I also liked the colour. See you soon with more from Stockholm in summer, yeah!!!


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