Backpack Style – Street Style Stockholm

Street Style Stockholm

Here my take on the backpack style trend! After getting used to seeing more blond people than I ever did before in my entire life I can now reflect on Swedish Style and especially the things I like and those I will not copy so soon.

First of all what is quite obvious: when it comes to work-out the Swedish run and they run now all the time around the lakes in the neighborhoods outside the very center of Stockholm. It is a national sport I would say after the snow melts and the skis are put back into storage. The funny thing for me about them running around is, that there is dress code. All black with leggins for men and women and as a touch of colour they wear neon coloured Nikes and caps. It goes so far that when I see someone not wearing these extra bits of colours, I wonder if he or she is not Swedish… It looks not as bad as it might sound with the contrast blond hair in the all black body suits and the neon extras it is quite interesting to watch.

Backpack Style Stockholm

Stockholm has one of the highest densities of hair dressers I have seen so far. They are everywhere, in every shopping center and sometimes one not so long street has about three of them. The Swedish also wear their hair styled to the ends and you can see this with men especially. As a result of this the Swedish hair products are very good but not very cheap. I use Reference of Sweden products for styling.

If you haven’t seen a metrosexual guy and are curious about them, come to Stockholm. They have great hair, excellent taste in where to buy expensive clothes and know the best restaurants and bars. Stockholm has not just a few, look out for them in the areas where you can find most of the hairdressers.

So finally let’s talk about Stockholm Street Style.
After being in Copenhagen I expected everybody to wear black, white or a mix of both. But Stockholm Street Style is quite the opposite. Many Swedish are dressed very Nordic, in outdoor boots, blue rain-resistant winter coats and very casual. I want to show you more of their looks in the future but let’s have a closer look at the backpack style.
Backpacks are definitely a great buy here in Sweden. There are plenty of brands like Fjällräven or Sandqvist and they just work perfectly with jeans and t-shirts. Wearing the Backpack style is also super practical and chic when you don’t go for the outdoor type.
I am thinking to get one for myself as soon as I get me a bike for Spring (May has to become warm, let’s believe in this) and ride across Stockholm.
So what do you think? Will the backpack style be the next trend of this season?


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