Pancakes and Cake wearing a Turban

La Rue Cheesecake Madrid

As far as I remember it is the first spring season when the temperatures haven’t reached more than 15 degress Celsisus yet and we are still living in our winter wardrobe without any exceptional days. My first spring I got visited by mom and she managed to arrive the weekend of February when the temperature jumped to 20 degrees for two days. Last year this time I already went walking around in a t-shirt. So this Monday was a nice surprise when the sun came out. Even though it was windy and cold, there is always this voice telling me to dress lighter and more colourful and so I did and well of course had a cold time.

La Rue Pancakes Madrid

La Rue Cheesecake MadridStreetstyle Madrid Malasana TurbanCherry blossom MadridGaudi Madrid

La Rue in Malasaña is probably the place to go when the sun shines and you normally cannot enter this tiny space on rainy days anyway. Sunshine is terrace time in Madrid and indoor places you haven’t seen empty for the last months suddenly start inviting you again with lot’s of spaces.
After pancakes and cheesecake (in this order of course) it was time to walk it all off and head out into the sunshine with it’s devious cold shadows. Another great thing about Madrid: when it rains and the sun comes out again, you get blinded but the blueness of the sky. The smog is washed off and we can breath fresh air for a second.
Turbante by Carmen Hernán available at La Modethêque, Coat Vintage now on the Store, Sunglasses Vintage, amulet by Oddity London and Jeans by Diesel.


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