Early in the morning

Madrilicious About

The thing about new years resolution, is not the fact that you make them before the first of January, but that you make them at all. A lame excuse as I just decided what my goals would be.  As it is just 8 am I decided to use this state of mental confusion to write a new about page for Madrilicious. The blog has changed over the last year dramatically in content and appearance which is just a reflection of my personal development. I have never been satisfied with just doing things, I always wanted to create. Therefore I had a longer look into basic html and applied my new knowledge to the blog. It still is not what I call perfect but much closer to it than at the beginning. On the other side I changed from writing about random stuff in Madrid to focusing on Fashion, Street Style and Travel Photography.


Go here to read the new about page of Madrilicious!


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