Biba Vintage goes Vogue España

Karolina Kurnikova Vogue Spain Biba VintageWhat do Biba Vintage Madrid, Vogue España and Karolina Kurnikova have in common? The all appear together in one editorial two years ago.

I just arrived back from my parents place with a Vogue Spain issue from January 2011 I gave to my mother two years ago, only to find this exact page featuring a vintage scouts shirt worn by supermodel Karolina Kurnikova. Biba Vintage is one of the 2nd hand shops on Calle Velarde where I love to go to people watch or shop some cool sunglasses. Now I will have a closer look if I can find some pieces which might end up in the next editorial on the body of a gorgeous model. You never now what might be the next treasure lying around at Biba Vintage.Karolina Kurnikova Vogue Spain Biba Vintage


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