The Scandinavian Project

Scnadinavian Project Nordic Style Elin Kling

Scnadinavian Project Nordic Style Elin Kling
2013 started pretty relaxed with me staying much more under warm blankets than probably good for anybody else. Full of energy now I am heading into a new idea about looking great and feeling fantastic. It all started back in 2011 when I made a trip to Copenhagen’s 1105, the hippest bar of the Danish capitol. As the only foreigners I realised very fast how well-dressed and chic the Danish are dressing themselves. Envy made me want to be as sophisticated and styled like those blond beauties, and a journey began with me discovering Stockholm Street Style and other Scandinavian blogs about fashion.

The Scandinavian Project is all about “Finding the rules behind the Nordic Chic”. Style inspirations like Elin Kling, Caroline Blomst from SSS, Hanne Gabi and Hedvig Opshaug are only a few examples of Nordic girls doing it right when it comes to dressing. I would love to dress like them as they manage to catch the eye of the fashion observer without turning into a paradise bird or drama queen.  This will be my fashion diary of how to acquire  the Scandinavian chic.

This will be 12 months project with me showing off one rule per month. So let’s hope for a miracle to make this happen!

#1 Rule: Don’t be afraid to go all-black

#2 Rule: if all-black is too hard go for a white piece instead

#3 Rule: heels or male inspired flats

#4 Rule: a good handbag is a must

#5 Rule: learn to combine, your wardrobe is not a queens size

#6 Rule: have your favourite designers

#7 Rule: be up-to date when it comes to fashion

#8 Rule: follow the Scandinavian magazines like Styleby and as well as international bestsellers like Vogue and

#9 Rule: you’re sexy, get over it and show it

#10 Rule: be simple when it comes to make-up

#11 Rule: put all together into clean chic and sophistication

#12 Less is more when it comes to jewellery, the smaller the better

#13 Bigger is better when it comes to sunglasses, go fancy

#14 Perfect hair: Swedish are obsessed with hairdressers, I have never seen so many saloons on so few square meters

This is my naive way of interpreting Scandinavian style without expecting to be accurate. I might be totally wrong but I plan to find out in the near future if so.


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