Following the Mist in Amsterdam

Horse Carriage Amsterdam

Amsterdam in the Mist – A “short” stroll

It was just one of these days which are meant to be heavily filled so you cannot really see how far they take you. Waking up at 5 am to get on a plane at 7 am in total darkness on the shortest day of the year was not my preferred choice of travel but the only possible one. More shocking than waking up that early was to arrive in total darkness at 8am in Schiphol just to realise there is another hour left till sunrise.

Amsterdam at 10 am was therefore a more relieving picture with the light being a mixture of 50 shades of grey hanging over the city of canals. Looking back I still feel the rain while I was trying to find my way past the coffee shops and ladies standing around in what must have been heated windows to get to the tourist free parts of Amsterdam. First stop Jordaan, Rijkmuseum and De Pijp just to get back to Bijenkorf and a mass of tourist attractions. Final stop Amsterdam Centraal to say goodbye to the city of bikes, canals and the mist. All done by feet, which just means slow-motion while the world around me was riding their magical bikes and left me full of jealousy.
Horse Carriage AmsterdamAmsterdam Canal PhotograhpyAmsterdam Canal PhotograhpyAmsterdam Canal PhotograhpyAmsterdam Rijkmuseum PhotographyAmsterdam Canal PhotograhpyAmsterdam Balloons


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