No Jeans for Paris – A stylish observation


My trip to Paris this autumn was anything else but a shopping tour. All I brought back home was Vogue Paris November 2012 and a box af nougat from Maxim’s I got at the airport. But even  if I came back with empty hands, my head was full of style inspirations from the chic Parisien/nes.

Walking the streets of Paris between Montmartre and la Seine, avoiding busses and metro I fell back into bed tired and exhausted every night. The trip down the hill might take one hour but back up it feels like an eternity. Passing Boulevard Hausmann, Place de la Concorde, Champs Elysee, Louvre, la Madeleine with a stop at Musée de l’Orangerie and the Fondation Pierre Bergé and YSL, I got tons of opportunities to observe how the French keep warm and chic this winter.

The center of Paris around the Louvre close to Colette might be the chicest place of town but also a very expensive one. Mostly ladies and gents in black coats, trousers and shoes carrying around tailoring for hundreds of euros down the street. A friend once told me he would just wear black if he would move to Paris and try to integrate… maybe but it is not like this everywhere. I observed ladies wearing grey wool trousers with flat black leather shoes and dark coats and I think this looked very chic and sporty for the daily city life. I might be just impressed by Parisienne women here, but what can I say, they know how to dress.

This in my Paris Street Style post, flats, coats, wool trousers with patterns or dresses with tights mixed with fur hats. Love this way of wearing something so special like a fur hat with easy looks and to make it in this way so chic.

But I don’t want to make you think Parisiennes only walk in trousers and flats. I have seen the Louboutins and the leather boots of more than 5 inches, the sexy ones and the sexier ones. The tall girls in the skinny jeans, it’s Paris right?

One thing I was surprised about was the lack of people wearing jeans. With girls it is not so surprising as we can wear skirts or dresses, but the men were avoiding them as well. Instead they wore cotton or wool trousers.

So even though Vogue Paris November is all about beauty, the white shirt and the blue jean, the cover girls are not French at all.

What are your favorite styling pieces for this autumn?

Happy styling everybody!


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