Ballet Beautiful Home Training

I just finished my first 15 minutes blast of Ballet Beautiful by Mary Helen Bowers and I highly recommend it. Ballet Beautiful is a new full body training program from the personal trainer of Nathalie Portman for her role in Black Swan.

Ballet Beautiful
Photo Courtesy of Ballet Beautiful

Being a ballerina at the New York City ballet, Mary Helen Bowers is used to work out every day for at least 12 hours. When she left the stage to study at the university, her body went through a transition which made her loose her dancers figure. To get it back she developed a comprhensive training program which started to invade the households of many women around the world. Ballet Beautiful is on the way to become the new pilates.


So what is there to achieve from Ballet Beautiful we couldn’t get from a standard gym?

Compared to the gym, Ballet Beautiful creates a dancers body which is very feminine with lean muscles instead of just burning fat.

It works on areas of the body which are hard to reach like the butt and the back of the legs.

It uses your own body weight which is not so demanding to the joints.

It doesn’t need any equipment and space except for a yoga mat.

Baller Beautiful can be done in 15 minutes to one hour easily at home.

If you always admired how gracious ballerinas looked like this is the workout for you!

I plan to do a week of Ballet Beautiful 15 minute blast to strengthen my muscles and get into shape on the long run. Afterwards I plan to update on my progress and pains 🙂 or better success.

If you got interested in this great new fitness method you can check out the website, create an account, get the books and buy the videos to start working out at home. It is not expensive and you just need the will to embrace this new lifestyle which includes a food plan as well.


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