Shopping should be an investment

shopping rebajas madrid

There are many influences in my youth that have shaped my shopping behaviour. I grew up in a village close to a small town in the south of Germany. People there were not interested in spending money on clothes instead they were saving or builiding houses. The only designer brand available was a small shop of Benetton.

Shopping Investment

My mother is a strong influence on me when it comes to fashion. She grew up in Poland and it is very common for east european women to wear high heels in the city all the time. Beautiful clothes, dresses, quality garments belonged to her life all the time when she was living in Poland.

When she moved to Germany her world changed totally. She was unhappy with the quality of the food, the way people didn’t care how they looked like, what they wore, the shopping opportunities and especially the relationship to the children. She dressed me in Benetton and cared very much to buy me quality products as often as possible.

In my teenage years dressig has become a bit of a nightmare. I didn’t know anything about style or shopping  and there were no affordable shops for a teenage girls.  Oversized sweaters and trainers used to be my daily armor. Having no H&M or Zara made me go from no style to buying designer pieces on ebay during my early twenties. Most of these clothes I still have and they are perfect to mix with the new pieces I get myself every season.

My oldest piece of clothing I bought some 16 years ago, a white shirt from Benetton, which was for me elegance pure. A real shopping bargain.

Today I would describe my style as very french. My wardrobe is a collection of basic quality pieces acquired over the years mixed with unique dresses, suites, blouses I bought on sale, ebay or in vintage stores.

Dressing has become much easier since I have clothes like a designer coat from Dior Paris, sandals from Chloé which can be mixed with every summer outfit, and many silk blouses, shirts and jeans selected instead of bought in a  rush.

This is basically the reason why I came the conclusion to invest instead of just to shop. When I select the pieces I buy,  I do this by the quality and the amount of time I will wear them in the future, then shopping is fun and the price just melts away.

A pair of tailored pants, which cost more then 5 pair of the ones you have in your closet but which will last you many years, are a smart investment. Especially when you love to wear them and they give you confidence.

Momentarily with shopping I am an Isabel Marant addict. I love all her designs mainly because they make me feel strong, chic, independent and modern. I started buying her jeans and now just got a rain coat I will wear all autumn and spring. Every time I buy something from Isabel Marant it feels like a good investment because I love to wear her clothes and they are timeless and chic.

So my style in the above picture is a mix of casual every day wear with some sexy pieces. The coat I bought vintage in Kraków this year, the jersey is from Commes de Garçons for H&M about 5 years old, but classy and timeless, the skirt I got from my mother is by Lui Jo, earrings from Oddity-London here in Madrid, and the shoes are from Spain. I wear this clothes quite often without getting bored of them.

The reason might be that they are easy to combine, have their own style and didn’t occur because of any fashion trend. Real style for me lies beyond fashion.

Photo Courtesy: Kornelia Maslyk, Kraków


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