Behind the scenes of Días Nordicøs Madrid

Dias Nordicos Matadero Madrid

Dias Nordicos Madrid MataderoAs a big fan of the countries in the north of Europe I was very excited when I heard about the Días Nordicøs Madrid. The Nordic festival which happens all around town is a great opportunity to get to know better the culture from Scandinavia.

Hanne Kolsto Dias Nordicos Madrid I have already featured Copenhagen in my Travels, scandinavian fashion stores like Gük and Set and Sekt as well as some sucessful blogger like Elin Kling and Sandra Hagelstam here on this blog. But the Nordic culture is much more than fashion and design. The  Días Nordicøs is the perfect opportunity to get to know this.

Dias Nordicos Madrid

Last weekend I went to see three concerts at the Matadero and they were a great success. The queue was growing very fast around 8.30 pm and even after the second concert around 10.30pm people were still queueing outside.

Dias Nordicos Matadero Madrid

I was pretty lucky to get in as one of the first and secure myself and my camera a space close to the stage. Seeing a good concert live is very cool but having the artists only meters away is a very special treat.

Husky Resue Dias Nordicos Madrid

The music of the band Husky Rescue was a new experience to me. I am not sure how they describe this kind of music but they seem very sympathetic and to enjoy their concert very much.

I am looking forward to see much more of the Días Nordicøs in Madrid and you should have a look at their website. There is much more to come and until December you will have the chance to get to know the Nordic culture a bit better.Hanne Kolsto Matadero Madrid



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