Sandra Hagelstam: Great Style in London

Looking back at London where we had such a great time, I stumbled over the latest post from Sandra Hagelstam of 5 inch and up.

Sandra is a fashion blogger from Helsinki with an impecable style I would describe as strong, modern and super sexy. Three words I love to use to describe a stylish person.

Check out her pics from her outlet shopping on the outskirts of London. I love her outfit in this photograph, where is combines leather with skinny jeans and makes her beautiful hair do the contrast part. Sandra Hagelstam

This look by Sandra Hagelstam is one I really would love to adopt this autumn, it makes her look so damn hot and interesting without looking cheap. One great lady.

This post reminds me that I have not yet visited Las Rozas outlet village in Madrid. Now with autumn starting it would be the perfect timing to update some essentials in my wardrobe with some classic quality pieces.

What are your wardrobe plans for this season?



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