London – a beautiful Sunday trip with Locals

London Eye Londres

I had my doubts about leaving Cumberland Lodge and its peaceful atmosphere for London and its  crowdy streets but I was totally wrong. London with friends and locals is just amazing.

South Bank

We did a bit of a classy tour starting at Covent Garden, China Town, Big Ben, South Bank, London Eye and Tate Modern. Afterwards to the Borrow Market, Camden Lock Village and up the hill to see the skyline and the sunset. London is pretty packed. Nevertheless it was not so difficult to avoid the tourist spots and have a great time. Here some of my favourite pictures.
Covent Garden LondonGood Girls and Bad GirlsBig BenThe Big Eye

What I  love is the internationality of the city. There is no culture that dominates London. Indians, Arabs, people from all over Euorpe, international travelers and tourists from all over the world. London has them all and it seems to be a mirror into the future. When we will stop telling ourselves that our own way of living is the only way to go.

Tate ModernSkyline

After a day in London downtown we headed for Camden Lock Village. This is the hipster part of the city where you can get international fast  food for only 4 pounds each. It is a beautiful place especially when you look over the channel where the take-aways are situated.
Afterwards we went to Primrose Hill, which is basically a graveyard, where the death were buried after the great plague. Now it is a beautiful park where people come to see the skyline and relax from the stressful life in the city. We watched the sunset and stayed until it became to cold. Wonderful!

To finish of the day off we went to one of the many pubs of London having cider, beer, fish and chips. Would love to come back to London!



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