Madrid Street Style – Back to the Streets of Madrid

Conde Duque Madrid Street Style

Madrid Street Style

After a long break of more than one month, I feel like going back to the streets of Madrid.
I want to take street style photography more seriously again and follow the steps of Garance Doré and The Locals, which I admire. I want to take great pics and concentrate on neighbourhoods as well as talk more with the people who’s style I capture.

 Recently I have been working on some interviews with creative people in Madrid and Basel. This kind of approach to style and creativity is very interesting and I am looking forward to go more into this direction.

In the future I want to concentrate on good content on this blog to attract more people to visit and come back because of interesting articles and great photography.

I am really excited to find the stylish people of Madrid! See you soon on Madrid Street Style !

Madrid Street Style

Kaya, which is posing so professionally for my camera, captured my eyes immediately. Her friend complained afterwards, he couldn’t go out with here anymore. All people just want to take pictures of her beauty.

This look really shows that a strong color and simple cut can make a dress capture all the attention around you. Especially in such a surrounding like Metro Noviciado, it fits perfectly. One great example of Madrid Street Style!

Don’t you just love her hair cut and her urban style? So unique and interesting.


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