DIY red soles à la Louboutin from Zara

DIY Red Soles

My latest DIY project: As some other bloggers I bought the lace sling-back pumps from Zara this season and I really like them. The price is great and they look sexy, elegant and are quiet comfy for a 10cm heel. The only thing I didn’t like was the sole which made them look a bit cheap and boring.DIY Zara Heels

As shoes normally cannot be changed to much except for getting a used look, I like to give them the Louboutin touch by painting the soles with red nail polish. A perfect DIY project!DIY red soles Zara

I chose a dark nail polish from P2 last forever called dating time, and needed half a bottle. The important parts are the borders in the front and the area around the heel.

Paint them in straight lines and two times. The spaces I left free of colour are to protect me from sliding on the street. Nobody normally gets to see this part and if I will say that I use them quite often.

The result: 40€ Zara heels + 2€ nail polish = DIY elegant black pumps with Louboutin touch.DIY red soles Zara

With soles like those every outift gets this extra bit of sexy it needs and they definitely have and effect on your look.


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