Fleamarket Basel on Saturdays

Fleamarket Basel

Saturdays are great to visit  the fleamarket Basel at the  Petersplatz. It is the perfect opportunity to go vintage hunting, chat with the people on the market and spend a good Saturday morning. If you come from the market in the center you will have to climb the stairs to arrive Petersplatz, which lies just behind Spalenberg. From the direction of the hospital you will have to turn left at Bernoullianum.

You can find a wide range of cool stuff from old silver ware to African figures there is wide range of treasure waiting for you. My favorite finds are vintage leather handbags and cool watches. Once I bought an entire set of silver forks and spoons which I am using every day now and wouldn’t replace for stainless steel anymore. The prices here at the fleamarket Basel are pretty nice compared to the normal price level in Switzerland.

Fleamarket Basel flea market

My first bargain at the fleamarket Basel were three leather handbags for 10 CHFr. each. On of them was a patent leather Bally bag. I still have them in my closet and wear them very often.

The great thing about this fleamarket is its small size, which makes it easy to have three or four tours and get an overview of the offer. It has also a great mix of different stuff you can use at home, clothes, art and vintage collector pieces. You never know what you’ll discover.

Fleamarket Basel flea market
flea market fleamarket basel

During summer the fleamarket Basel takes place at Petersplatz, while in the colder months in winter it happens at the old Warteck in Kleinbasel. There is fleamarket all year round and it is a great shopping experience.

Check out the map for more information.

Have fun Shopping in Basel!


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