The Hip Tee – Vintage T-shirts Made in Portugal

The Hip Tee Tshirt

I mentioned before that I bought an Acne dress because I wanted to have a piece from this brand. I was not really convinced and went back to the shop to return it. What I got was not my money back but I found two thsirts from The Hip Tee which really seemed to be special.

The Hip Tee Tshirt is a brand producing Vintage looking t-shirts, made in Portugal.  I like them because the t-shirts are very basic, but with a fun touch like this birds heart you see on the back, the quality is fantastic and they are made of selected cotton in Portugal.

The Hip Tee Tshirt

From top to bottom: Sandals from Farasion, short from Hilfiger Denim, Canvas Bag made of Bio-Cotton with a Chanel citation, The Hip Tee, Bikini from Mi&Co and Sunglasses Biba Vintage.

The Hip Tee Tshirt

I will not recommend the place I bought them here at it is much more economic to buy them directly on their webpage! Sales with 50% off!The Hip Tee Tshirt

A closer look at my sandals. Cork soles are really the best for a hot summer.

I hope you all are having a great summer, enjoying the good weather and spending time with your friends.

Check out The Hip Tee webpage, they are getting more and more attention in Spain and belong to the substainable fashion movement which is just great.


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