Back in Basel

Summer Basel

I arrived today in Basel, where summer is in full swing. Temperatures hit 31°C and there were no clouds on the sky. In these conditions the people in Basel normally gather around the recently renovated Rhine promenade to BBQ, swim, or just chill.

That was exactly what I had in mind when I boarded the plane from Madrid today.  The water was still a bit too chilly for me to have a swim, but many people did. Tomorrow is another day!

For the next Bikini pictures I will have a bit of a workout but I like the effect of the water and the light!

I am wearing a Bikini from Mi&Co a Spanish brand from Formentera which produces in Spain. Sunglasses from Biba Vintage. I love the Bikini for the gold details which make it look very elegant and precious. The quality is just sublime. I think it will last many summers. I start to get addicted to Do Design where I got it from!


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