Magpie Vintage Clothes Madrid – Where to shop Vintage

Magpie Vintage Clothes is probably the favorite vintage store of many people here in Madrid and you can always find interstingly dressed people shopping at Magpie Vintage .

One of the reasons to visit Magpie Vintage Clothes is that it is situated on Calle Velarde. This is one of the best places to shop Vintage in Madrid. It is also very great for people watching and getting inspired by the many different styles people show in this area of the city. Down the street you find the heart of Malasaña, Plaza Dos de Mayo, a historic place during the Movida Madrileña. It is also great for having a beer or tinto de verano during summer.

At Magpie Vintage Clothes they have vintage clothes and accessories for men and women and offer them to nice prices. I like their diversity and they never become boring because their offer changes constantly.

Magpie Vintage is a colorful mix of outfits from the middle of the last centruy to clothes that could have just been put in there directly from the catwalks.

They just added turbans form Carmen Hérnan to their collection which fit perfectly with all their vintage treasures.

The best part for me is to have a look at all the antique acessories they store in behind glas. Most of the look like pieces from a different time in the far past.
Get inspired for your next shopping trip by some inside Magpie pics:

Magpie Vintage Shop Madrid

Magpie Vintage Shop Madrid

Magpie Vintage SHop Madrid

Magpie Vintage Clothes Madrid

I hope this descripition helped you to find some cool vintage stores in Madrid and have a great shopping experience.

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Magpie Vintage Clothes 
C/Velarde 3
Malasana, Madrid


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