Elin Kling Superstar – Fashion Entrepreneur

I came across Elin Kling and her blog Style by Kling looking around scandinavian Fashion blogs.

Elin Kling success story is fascinating and makes me feel unimportant and small…whatever there is only one Elin Kling and probably many who admire her like me.

elin kling

Have a look at this video from H&M life:


Some short background info about Elin Kling. She started as fashion editor, became a blogger, a magazine owner of Styleby, started her own clothing line Nowhere, lives in NYC and has a blogging platform known as Nowmanifest.

Are you still here? I think I need a break to breath deeply. And if this wouldn’t be enough Elin Kling also has impecable style. I put some pics on my tumblr From Madrid with Style which you should definitely check out.

She describes it as mostly basics mixed with interesting accessories, very scandinavian. I want her bags and shoes and already see myself shopping for Acne and Isabel Marant this rebajas in Madrid.


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