Gorka Postigo DELUSIONS @ La Fresh Gallery

Gorka Postigo Delusions

Yesterday was the vernissage of Gorka Postigos work at La Fresh Gallery in Madrid. It is a fantastic exhibitions which challenges your eyes with many amazing photographs. I don’t want to talk too much about the background, I will give you some examples and explain the impression I got.

Gorka Postigo Delusion La Fresh Gallery Madrid

I really love this photograph. First you see a woman’s face in some kind of dreamy state. The colors remind me of modern paintings. Later I realized that she has a hand in front of her mouth and that it is not the entire face you see. But still you see the entire face because her mouth is on the hand.

The photograph seems to be very simple at the beginning but when you realize that it is playing with your ability to see what is actually there, it captures you.

Gorka Postigo really knows how to play with our way of seeing things, which makes him a real talent.

Gorka Postigo Delusion La Fresh Gallery Madrid

This three photographs use the body as a screen where different scenes are projected. They all seem very artistic and beautiful at the beginning. In the middle the man has an explosion of an atomic bomb on his body.  When you realize this while looking at the photograoh it is a shocking moment.

The photo suddenly becomes aggressive and dangerous totally in contrast to the man’s relaxed face. Still the concept of combining a disturbing picture with a relaxed object is for me the proof that a genius who worked this out.

The illusion and delusion which are more like a process you go through while looking at the photographs are an unique experience. I especially like that my photos also create some extra effect because you can see the visitors of the museum in the photographs.

Gorka Postigo Delusion La Fresh Gallery Madrid

This one I like because you can see people looking at the photographs while it looks back at them.

Gorka Postigo Delusion La Fresh Gallery Madrid

The visitors got an extra treat while at the Gallery. They could meet Alaska y Mario Vaquerizo and take photos. A totally great experience!

Gorka Postigo at La Fresh Gallery Madrid


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