Russian Ballet Diaghilev Madrid @ Caixa Forum

Ballet Rusos Diaghilev Caixa Forum Madrid

Diaghilev arrived in Paris more than 100 years ago and he would become famous for his revolution of the ballet. Before him a ballet was a part of many different show people would visit during the evening. With the ballet ruses and its incredible dancing skills it became an event for itself. Later it was touring to London and afterwards to Spain. More pictures of the russian ballet Diaghilev Madrid.

russian ballet diaghilev madrid

russian ballet diaghilev madrid

It is asociated with the most famous artist of its time. Strawinsky was responsible for the music, Picasso and Matisse are the most famous to have made the decorations and Coco Chanel was so in love with it that she made the costumes for an entire show and participate with financial help just to be able to see it again.

russian ballet diaghilev madrid

Beside the difference in the art of dancing the ballets ruses presented one of the most fascinating part are the costumes. The rich colors took the peoples breath away.

russian ballet diaghilev madrid

Some of the shows were not very well accepted by the audience and the dancers had to be distracted from the rebellious visitors to get on with their dancing. This shows still influence art and dance today more than 100 years ago.

Till the 3rd of June you have the chance to see this exceptional exhibition at Caixa Forum and the entrance is free!




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