Chinchón: Food and Spanish Life

While walking around Chinchón we realized very fast that they have strong realtionship to food and especially garlic. On our bus ride we have seen many olive trees and vines.

ChinchónWalking past the building you find many people offering garlic, herbs, soap and almonds on small tables infront of their front doors. I asked and been told that garlic soup is a traditional dish here in Chinchón.


As this is not the most delicious thing I can imagine to eat, we got a recommendation for a pinxos restaurant at one corner of the market place. What was planned as some drinks and tapas ended for us as a feast. Tourists as we are, we tried nearly all pinxos, jamón cut freshly from the leg and drank Chinchón Dulce which is similar to Grappa.

Pinxos in Chinchón
Pinxos in Chinchón

We went up the hill to visit the church but unfortunately coudln’t enter. They have a Goya painting which was especially made to increase the popularity of Chinchón.

The Church of Chinchón

Next to the church you find a small parc which is really pretty in spring with all the green trees. There was a wedding reception while we visited.

Garden in Chinchón

On our way back we found a small oase someone created in his backyard as well as some more fresh garlic and soap for sale!

Flowers Chinchón



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