Chinchón – somewhere southeast of Madrid

Chinchón sounds not really like a Spanish city name more like a chinese expresion and many Spanish have never heard of it even though it is only one hour by bus from Madrid. So if you plan your trip to this pretty Spanish town in the south of Madrid you might encounter people asking you: What, where are you going? or Chinchón?


Nevertheless I did not loose my motivation even though it didn’t seem an extremly popular destination at that time. We took the bus 337 from Conde de Casal to Chinchón.

The first Chinchón Rock Star greets you when you leave the bus

We arrived at the old Convent which is now called the Parador and has become a beautiful Restaurant and Hotel within a peacful atmosphere.

Inside the Parador in Chinchón

When it comes to tranquillity Chinchón is one of the most peaceful places I have seen so far without being deserted like some small villages tend to be. When you enter the market places, which looks like an old bullfighting square, you find people of all ages gathering around. They eat, drink, have a chat and you feel immediately welcome. I was asking around for an ATM from Santander and the people where the most friendly and helpful. It was obvious that we left the stressful life in Madrid far behind us.

Market square Chinchón

We did not have to search for real Spanish villagers, they are everywhere!

Real Spanish Life

Later on we visited Carlotta Lozano, the founder and owner of the beautiful shop OhCarlotta. I met her at a showroom at Carmencita Bar in Madrid and she one energetic businesswoman I can only admire! Have a look at her super-cool shop!

Inside OhCarlotta-wonderful treasure for women and a bar for the men


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