La Tirana Malas Artes – a cultural space in Malasaña

La Tirana Malas Artes

La Tirana Malas Artes is one of this places you would probably pass by without even realizing on what your are missing out. If it is not Friday, Saturday or Sunday night 10 minutes before the doors open, it is hard to imagine that in Calle Santa Lucia 10, Malasaña, anything interesting would happen. But if you happen to be in any way close to this address at these times of the week you will see people queuing to enter one of Madrids most hidden cultural space.

La Tirana Malas Artes
The entrance you have to find!

La Tirana Malas Artes offers theatre, cinema, music, dance and comedy as well as a place for young artists to perform at the beginning of their career. 

The first time you will probably get lost or pass by the door, turn and come back to find yourself waiting under a small sign over it. After the door opens you normally enter a dark room, trying not to fall over any stairs until you get to someone asking for your name ( the theatre performances are normally booked out) or just the ticket fee.

Next you will get to a staircase on the right where people start to get their seats which are actually pillows and when everybody sits, the show starts not more than 5 minutes later. The atmosphere is very intimate and if you have occupied the front row you can nearly touch the artists. At La Tirana Malas Artes you get the feeling of being among your best friends in a living room atmosphere enjoying a private show.

On top of all sits the technician who manages the lights, music and special effects while the artists get ready next door. In the mean time you get explained what La Tirana Malas Artes is about, how it is managed and how many facebook fans they have.

For me it was a great discovery to get to know this cultural space with its enthusiastic team and kind audience.

La Tirana Malas Artes
Close to the action

Fridays they normally have free cinema in English or Spanish.

Saturday and Sunday is performance night or theatre.

Don’t forget to check with La Tirana Malas Artes facebook page to get more infos.

For more about La Tirana Malas Artes (LTMA), here an excerpt from their information page:

“La felicidad es una obligación”
Nos gusta hablar de nuestro espacio.
Pero cuando intentamos definirlo, mil palabras no son suficientes. Para nosotros, sería más fácil deciros lo que no es y lo que no será nunca.
Nunca será un lugar de confusión, nunca será un lugar de entretenimiento que no tenga voluntad de encontrar aspectos culturales. Nunca será un lugar sin esa “levedad” de Calvino, nunca será un lugar sin la potencia de la diversión.
Nunca será un lugar sin sentimientos.Si te gusta la idea de observar una ciudad y formar parte de ella, si te gusta escucharla y sentirte su cómplice en el placer de estar con la gente, de un momento de descanso, de música, de teatro, cine… aunque vivas en Segovia o Cambridge, en Estambul, Bucarest, Santiago de Chile, Chicago, Móstoles, Florencia o cualquier parte de este mundo, si, casualmente o por algún motivo, por un largo o breve periodo de tiempo, eres huésped en nuestra ciudad, nuestra Tirana tiene el placer de recibirte.


La Tirana Malas Artes

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