What to read when living in Madri…z

Madriz Magazine

At the moment Madriz is only available as blog.

I don’t remember how I ended up knowing about the existence of this monthly magazine which takes its name from the city it tells us about. Madriz – una revista sobre una ciudad especial. A magazine about a special city. How special it is, Madriz is telling us exactly this every month . But let’s start with the paperwork.

The cover is every month an eye catcher. Madriz is written on it and one topic with a picture. Very simple with some more topics written smaller in the footer of the page. The editorial is never too long and you are done after 1 minute reading and can even start over again to get a better understanding. Did I mention it is written on a transparent page with changing authors every month?


Next Madriz is offering you a monthly agenda about the cultural offers in Madrid. Another way of opening your horizon but don’t expect a guide to all exhibitions happening in Madrid, it is more of a mixture of the obvious highlights you can find in a city culture blog and insider tips from the more secret places of the city. This months offer includes titles like: Libros sexy, Música y conflicto social, El chico de la última fila, Dirty York,… Everything but not a standard agenda.

After being inspired by the monthly offers, you can start reading the real stuff. Next to the main articles, which are giving you topics which are up-to-date like the Manzanares and it’s possible privatization last month or the secret new restaurants popping up in Madrid this month,  you get many tips and inspirations. Interviews with artists, literature to read, trends in fashion and short stories from the barrios of Madrid. At the end of the magazine they talk about being a … in Madrid. This month about monologist, the last one about woman.

My impression of the advertisement-free monthly magazine dedicated to Madrid is a very positive one. I enjoy reading the stories and getting inspired by their cultural recommendations. Madriz is a very young magazine which started some 10 months ago with a very informative way of telling their stories. It is really clear that their aim is to open the readers horizon and give us new possibilities in the city we live in.

Looking at their great website madriz.com and the Madriz magazine I am sure this is a great work if people who really enjoy working on good journalism.