Santiago Bernabéu – A Guest Post

Santiago Bernabéu

Outside view of the Estadio Santiago Bernabéu

With its 31 titles in the Primera División, 18 Copa del Rey victories, and a record number of 9 Champions League and European League wins, Real Madrid C.F. (founded March 6th, 1902) is one of the most famous export products of Madrid, and one of the prides of the city. Since 1947, its home-base has been the Estadio Santiago Bernabéu, located on the Paseo de la Castellana, in Chamartín. Every home match it is filled with up to 85.454 fans- This makes the stadium one of the biggest in Europe, and visiting a Real Madrid game a very impressive experience.

Santiago Bernabéu

Panoramic view of the pitch. Not for people who don’t like heights …

Even on days when there is no match being played, Santiago Bernabéu is worth paying a visit. Every day, the stadium opens its doors to visitors, who can either take a guided (for 22 Euros) or unguided (for 16 Euros) tour. We took the unguided tour, which starts of by allowing you to take a panoramic view of the stadium, from up in the highest nook of the stadium. Next up is a visit to the Real Madrid museum inside the stadium. The museum contains a lot of history, from the original handwritten regulations made at the founding of the club, to the latest Copa del Rey, which Real Madrid won in the 2011 final against Barcelona.

Santiago Bernabéu

The first Real Madrid jersey and some soccer equipment from the beginning of the 20th century

From there on, the fun part (at least for me it was) begins. You are taken through some narrow halls, around some corners, and up and down some stairs, until at last you see some daylight popping up. Then, after you climb some final stairs, you end up right next to the pitch, close enough that you can smell the grass.

Santiago Bernabéu

From there on you can take a look in the VIP area of the stadium, or take a picture in the same dug out where Mourinho and his players sit every two weeks. After that, the tour takes you down through the player tunnel, into the dressing room of the visiting team. Even though this one is probably a lot less luxurious than that of the Real Madrid players, it still allows the players to relax in their very own nice jacuzzi.

Santiago Bernabéu

The visitors dressing room. It must be good to be a professional football player.

The last stop of the tour is of course the huge fan shop, where the fans can buy everything from the jersey of their favorite players, down to Real Madrid footballs, or even a Real Madrid watch.

This was a guest post written by my boyfriend after our visit to the most famous stadium in Madrid. He is a big soccer fan and really enjoyed having an inside look into all the tour had to offer. 

Visit the homepage of Santiago Bernabéu here.