Do Design – fantastic shop in Chueca, Madrid

Do Design Madrid

Some time ago I entered a shop on Calle Fernando VI where they give you a business card made of recycled carton with a tree on it and the name Do. Compared to all the other cards I have from the numerous places I visited in Madrid, this one sticks out from the crowd. Without any colors or patterns to get your attention it send a clear message about the shop it represents. Entering Do on C/Fernando VI 13, I first thought I was in an art gallery. Various portraits were greeting me on the left and a small coffee place on the right.

You have to take some steps forward to see that Do Design is a space for designer clothes, accessories, furniture, home design objects,porcelain and art. Names like Henrik Vibskov are around many other designers who are hardly found anywhere else in Madrid. A perfect place to give your look a unique touch and distinguish yourself from the crowd.

The beautiful aspect of Do Design is their shop decoration. It is very clear without anything fancy that would distract your view from the things their offers. A bit like on a design fair if you look at the little house where the staff is waiting to help you. In the back they have two striped tents and it feels like visiting the north of Europe and being at a beach.


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