Dolores Promesas – New Vintage Style in Triball, Madrid

Dolores Promesas

On Calle Desengaño 22 is one store that catches your eye immediately. This is called Dolores Promesas, a colorful collection of clothes, accessories and jewelery.

eye-catching dresses at Dolores Promesas

Now that spring is slowly arriving this pretty store attracts many people passing by with their attractive window decoration showing fantastic summer outfits. Inside it is decorated like a pretty girly dream world at the first sight. When you browse through the collection it will become clear that the clothes are of high quality and great cuts. They definitely get their inspiration from the 50’s, 60’s and 70’s and you can find some elaborate party, cocktail and ball gowns downstairs.

Even though the clothes have a vintage touch Dolores Promesas offers many interesting creations. I adore the t-shirts with the dogs and cats on the front. Combined with one of the vintage style skirts they make a very stylish outfit for summer.

Besides the clothes they have lovely accessories and decoration articles as well as tea services.








Downstairs you can feel like a princess in her splendid closet. Next to dresses inspired by the 50’s and 60’s you find great ball gowns made for the next wedding you may attend. Dolores Promesas is a shop that doesn’t produces for the masses like the high-street, but produces a few dresses of high quality. Some of them are even only available once per size and you won’t find anybody else wearing your clothes so fast. They have three stores in Madrid, 17 in total and exist since 4 years. Some of the dresses and skirt I have seen reminded me of vintage Dior skirts I have at home. The idea of vintage inspired clothes is a great alternative to the copies of the fashion shows you can buy everywhere else. A way to make your look unique without too much effort.

The black hangers indicate unique designs. Only one piece per size!

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