Star Style – Shining like a Star

star style Madrid

With going out in the evening comes the stress of what to put on, how to match everything perfectly, how to make our hair, which shoes would be best and especially not to get stressed and enjoy ourselves.

As Frédéric Fekkai is the stylist of stars and many of his clients walk down the red carpet in Hollywood, he is an expert in making them look fabulous without overdoing it. His tips for Hollywood glamour maybe applied for every evening event as one of his tips is “less is more”. Just perfect for many who want to be comfortable in their clothes but also look great! Star Style for all of us!

At the moment one of the most famous Star Style websites is Who What Wear… to get some inspiration but not to be taken as a Style Bible.

1) To start a great evening it is good to be mentally relaxed as well as physically. Before stressing yourself about all you want to do and prepare why not do something for yourself first. Frédéric Fekkai recommends a massage, sea-salt scrub, a manicure and a pedicure. As this is quite an elaborate program, my personal favourite is a face-mask and a bath or shower. Some good smelling body lotion or oils make you feel gorgeous immediatly and bring the right mood to start the evening.

Feeling relaxed and confident is about the most efficient thing you can do to look like a million dollars, and in LA bare skin is the most essential accessory there is for a nighttime look.                                                               Frédéric Fekkai – A Year of Style

This years Oscars passed very fast. After some much attention we now give to the fashion shows and it’s circus on the streets, the star style in Hollywood lost it’s importance for me. Nevertheless I couldn’t ignore the looks shown on the websites of the big fashion magazines. I have seen many white dresses and designer clothes but the look that seemed to be for days on the front page, was Angelina Jolie in a black dress, showing her bare leg and full red lips to the cameras. Seems that the bare skin beats the elaborate designer dresses and fixed coiffures of others.

Star Style Angelina Jolie

2) Hair style can be frustrating and steal a lot of your time dressing up. As if you are not stressed enough already, your hair never  does what you want it to do the moment before you want to leave the house. I like playing with my hair once in a while to see what kind of looks I can achieve with my cut. Normally I avoid doing this before I go to a party. When I have found a style I like, I try to make it look perfect so that when I want to go to a party I can redo it without to much stress. The important thing to get  star style hair is not to worry too much about it.

In fact, the more glamorous the event you attend, the simpler your coiffure should be.                                                              Frédéric Fekkai – A Year of Style

3) Another important tip from Frédéric Fekkai is not to forget that hair ornaments are jewelery and to acquire a great look you have to match it with your other jewelery.

4) Black is one of my favourite colors for an evening out. Going to a bar or a restaurant it makes you look elegant, slim and sophisticated. It makes me feel a bit Chanel and this is quite a good feeling. If you want to stand out from the crowd at an event,which is what  star style is about, black is not the right color. If your dress has an amzing cut it will be an eye-catcher but if it doesn’t you won’t be noticed. Even if you feel very confident and sexy, an eye-catching color has much more effect.

Star Style Natalie Portman
Natalie in a fabulous dress, anybody looks at the girl in black?

5) Makeup

Apply just enough makeup to focus the attention on your face and your natural beauty, let it quietly speak for itself.

Frédéric Fekkai – A Year of Style

6) For glamour during the day it is important to avoid chunky jewelery. You can wear it at night when to make your look more shiny. Daytime is for pretty but decent things which doesn’t seek to much attention. When I put on my jewelery for the evening , changing from small earings and thin chains to more elaborate colliars, designer rings and earings, it feels like something special is starting. It also brings me in the mood for the night and gives me star style.

7) For those who need their sunglasses to go out and feel glamorous, there is a rule so you won’t overstyle yourself. Choose fabulous sunglasses and get rid of other accessoires like the silk scarf, gold jewelry and the red gloves (if this should be the case). Sunglasses belong to star style but are not always a necessity.

8) Hoisery

If you notice them, it’s ugly. … should be barely visible, just a haze over your leg.                                                                                                                                Frédéric Fekkai – A Year of Style

Hope you have learned some things about star style and feel more confident dressing for your next great night out!

Have a great star style!