A Year of Style: Casual Chic

As this month is about clarifying, our wardrobe should host some looks that represent this word. To clarify your look means to select basic pieces you can put together everyday which are effortlessly chic.

Some examples I like to put together into a look that is casual chic:

  • black woolen pants with a silk shirt and flats
  • grey jeans with a yellow pullover, or any other color that matches, with ballerinas, Oxfords or sandals in summer
  • any simple jeans with a long-sleeved shirt and flat shoes
  • a straight cut long or short linen or cotton skirt with a top in a matching color
  • a white shirt and black pants always work

So why should we seek casual chic for our daily wardrobe?

As I like reading books about fashion written by people with a certain degree of insight, I will cite some of them:

The essence of casual refinement, chic is a little less studied than elegance and a little more intellectual. … “the aristocracy of external appearance”.                                                                                                                                                                               Genevieve Antoine Dariaux – A guide to elegance

To me, the most glamorous women are those who wear their finery with the same casual chic they radiate in a pair of jeans. It’s a matter of having confidence in yourself, your look, your style as you have defined it.                                    Frédérik Fekkai – A Year of Style

Casual chic is the starting point  for a refined style and the first step to chic. Many people will be happy to have a wardrobe which inhibits their daily wardrobe and makes the choice, what to put on in the morning, much easier. As you can read above, it is not just the clothes that make our appearance but the way we wear them. If you feel confident in yourself and your look it affects the way people look at you and the impression you make. Someone in the finest designer clothes but without confidence will not be as chic as a person walking down the street proudly with their head high.

The great thing about a casual outfit is that you can dress it up and make it fashionable with many simple accessories. Fine jewelery changes the look of an outfit immediately and if it isn’t use too excessive, makes it appear refined and gorgeous. I like to combine white shirts with rich necklaces and bracelets as well as wearing stylish hats. With a bit of effort your casual outfits may look like chic well thought-through combinations.

I was checking the web for stylish casual chic outfits and found the following:

casual chic
I really like the simplicity of this outfit. You can dress it up with a hat, jewelery or a nice evening bag changing from casual to evening outfit.
by http://fashionandstylemode.com

This outfit is from the blog http://fashionandstylemode.com, and I like it very much. You change from flats to heels for the evening, and add some jewelery and your done to go.

Victoria Beckham

From http://styleblog.ca. I like the look especially the combination of green and black which is a trend this season.

Very pretty and easy to put together via http://www.vogue.co.uk.


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