Tapas and Cocktails in Triball

Up till now I am spending much of my free time wandering through Triball and looking for interesting and unique places. One great impression has given me the shop and bar Kikekeller. I wrote a post about the shop with its unique furniture and artistic decoration and want to tell you now, how great a bar it is.

First we went for Tapas to Mui, on C/Ballesta 4. I wanted to see this place and try the tapas for some time, and finally had the opportunity. The place looks very modern for a tapas bar in Madrid and the staff is quite young. Going to tapas bars you would expect a family business with the grandfather or grandmother working somewhere in the kitchen or behind the bar. Mui is a typical bar in Triball, where everything is pretty new and still undiscovered by the crowd.

Inside Mui

Mui has a long bar where they serve you drinks and tapas, some tables in the entrance and as well in the back of the place. The staff was very friendly and helped us choosing our plates. They offer oysters and a daily menu, which was african the day we went. I would be interested to try it, and I have not been to a tapas bar yet where they offer such an interesting menú.

We ordered Tinto de Verano, calamares, croquetteas with jamón (croquettes with jam and cheese filling) and orejas de cerdo (fried pig ear). With the tinto came a tapa of bacalao on fried bananas, which was just delicious.

We paid 25€ for two big plates, two drinks and 2 tapas. Mui, we are definitely coming back!

Bacalao on fried Banana

After filling our stomachs, we went to Kikekeller, which is a great shop during the day. From thursday to sunday night it turns into a bar. Their speciality is Gin Tonics and they have one fantastic gin tonic with strawberries, really delicious even for those who don’t like the gin that much. I ordered a Caipiroshka, the first one a had in 2 years in Madrid.

Inside those you find the menú!










The atmosphere at Kikekeller is great and I think this is partly due to the fantastic decoration they have. The staff is super friendly and have time to chat with you while you order your drink. Having great cocktails and sitting in the eclectic furniture within this creative decoration, makes it easy to imagine having them in your own home. During our stay, we were discussing about what kind of things we would like to have and how we would use the chairs, tables and lamps in our homes. If something made a big impression on us, we could come back the next day and buy it. A bit of Kikekeller at our homes.

A closer look at one of their lamps!
This chair has a special effect at night!

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