The Hermitage @ El Prado Madrid

hermitage el prado madrid
The Hermitage

The Prado museum is the most famous museum here in Madrid and when they announced that they would be hosting the collection from The Hermitage in St.Peterburg, it definitely would be a memorable exhibition. The Hermitage is a museum in St.Petersburg that hosts one of the most amazing collections in the world.

 Founded by the Russian Zar Peter the Great and being the pride of art lover Katharina The Great, it would be worth a pilgrimage for many art lovers today. The first time since 40 years also the famous painting of Picasso, L’acrobat a la boule, made his way out of The Hermitage to El Prado. The most interesting fact I learned during my visit of the exhibition, was how The Hermitage acquired all its masterpieces. Many paintings and sculptures were bought by the Russian Zars or also by art dealers from kings and queens in Europe. The collection of Josephine Bonaparte and from one of the  Dutch Kings (Leopold?).

Later many collections in Russia were nationalised and came to The Hermitage and are accessable to everybody.

Impressive are the Fabergé eggs and the gold jewelery that is of so high quality and really beautiful.  The best thing to do is to go to the museums shop and get yourself a souvenir.

The Hermitage in the Prado
9am to 8pm
reservation is recommendable!


One thought on “The Hermitage @ El Prado Madrid

  1. I have been a couple of times to Madrid, but unfortunately I have never had a chance to visit El Prado. Next time I go to Madrid, I certainly will, but it won’t be during the Hermitage exhibition.

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