What to read when living in Madrid – Elle Espana

This month Elle Espana is not only a fashion magazine with some extra tips but a treat for those seeking information about the latest trends in fashion for the next season. When you buy the magazine this month you get an extra edition with all the spring/summer trends, the magazine Decor which will make you want to buy new fabulous furniture and the great march edition of Elle Espana dedicated to Spanish Fashion and traditional dresses.

Elle March via elle.es

The great thing about living in Madrid is that we are in the center of what is happening in Spain. Elle Espana always delivers us with tips about the trendiest bars and restaurants and most of them are in Madrid. Art, music and cinema meet here in one of my favorite magazines in Spain.

After we went past the typical 30 pages of commercials every big magazine has, let’s get started:

So what do we get out of Elle Espana March 2012?

Interview with D&G
Triumpf of Flamenco
Interview with Karl Lagerfeld about his new line KARL
Marni for H&M

20 desirable beds
Helena Rhoner the designer
Jonathan Adler and Guille García-Hoz
Smile Style
Etiqueta Armani
We get to see some nice houses where some of us would move in immediately

Look Espanol
50’s Skirts
One-Piece Bathing Suites
Silouette Super X
Printed Cloths
Asymmetric Dresses
and much more…

Michelle Williams playing Marilyn
Elizabeth Olsen
Interview with Rodrigo Cortés


En Mérimée, Madrid
Futur2, Barcelona
Otras Luces, Valladolid


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