Best Vintage Shops in Madrid – Lotta Vintage

Lotta Vintage is probably the most famous and most colorful vintage shop in Madrid. Most famous because of an article in Vogue Paris about Monica Cruz, the sister of Penelope. There she mentioned Lotta Vintage as the best place for Vintage shopping in Madrid. Most colorful because the clothes are strictly organized depending on their color. You enter and see everything from orange, yellow ,white and green to red, blue, brown and black in the back of the shop. They have the most interesting vintage sunglasses as well as shoes, handbags and hats.

I like to go to Lotta Vintage in Madrid just to look at the things she has. All the colors surrounding me inside, immediately have the effect of rising my mood.

Lotta Vintage
Calle de Hernán Cortés 9
Tel.: +34 915 23 25 05


4 thoughts on “Best Vintage Shops in Madrid – Lotta Vintage

  1. Hey, I’m from Melbourne and will be staying in Madrid for four nights in the middle of May. Just wondering what are good rock n’ roll bars and where’s a hip area to stay that’s easy to get around from?

    1. I can give you this link recommending 3 different hotels in Madrid. I generally trust the recommendations of Spotted by Locals.
      For hip areas in Madrid I would recommend Chueca, Malasana and Triball. The city center is not so big so that you could walk anywhere if you live in the center. Gran Via is a good starting point to look for hotels and it is not far from anything in the center.
      I don’t know any Rock’n’Roll bars in Madrid but I am sure a google search will find you what you are looking for.
      Hope you enjoy your trip and if you have more questions I am happy to help!

      1. Thanks so much for this info – I’ll check it out. Last night awesome Madrid band Los Chicos were playing at my husband’s bar, The Old Bar, here in Melbourne. The singer Rafa told us if we go on day trips to Segovia, Salamanca or Cuenca to to try eating cordero asado. Yum, yum.

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