What to read when living in Madrid?! El Cultural !

Local Newspaper Stand

Last time I went to my local kiosk to get me my monthly fashion magazine, I had to wait for an older gentleman to finish his purchase. He asked the salesman for a special magazine called ” El Cultural “. It costs 30 cents and comes out weekly. I didn’t think long about it and grabbed a copy for myself. The name sounded interesting and maybe I would learn something out of it.

This purchase gave me the idea for this series of posts that I will start now. When living in Madrid or any other city, we cannot only rely on what people tell or show us. Everybody has his own interests and wants to find what he or she likes best. My main source is the web, where I found many interesting places and events, but sometime I get tired of sitting in front of my laptop. Then I want to read something written on paper.

Welcome to my journey to kiosks, coffee bars and everywhere else I will find a good read here in Madrid.

El Cultural

Todays Read: El Cultural

El Cultural is a magazine launched by the big Spanish newspaper El Mundo. It comes out weekly and costs 30 cents or by downloading the pdf version 25€/year. The magazine topics are Books, Art, Events, Interviews and Cinema.

Through the magazine I bought at the kiosk, I discovered their website. Here they have all the important information about cultural events as well as the daily agenda, interviews with artist, information about the newest films and recommendations of interesting books. El Cultural gives us a great opportunity to get to know Madrid’s and Spain’s cultural offers.

For me reading this magazine gives me the opportunity to improve my Spanish skills and learn about the culture in Madrid and Spain.


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