3 Ways of Experiencing Flamenco in Madrid

Flamenco Show in Madrid

The best flamenco in the world to see is shown here in Madrid. I was surprised to find this information on the web but at the same time happy to live in Madrid and be able to go to a flamenco show here. The first time my mother came to visit we went to see flamenco. She got herself some old book where they told her about a bar, where they present flamenco in the back room. She got very excited about the idea and it’s flair of , so that I had to search for this place.

Actually there are many bars around Madrid where they have flamenco shows in the back room, and so it was easy to find something, at an acceptable price, that would make my mother happy.

I visited more flamenco shows later on when I went out with colleagues or other friends visiting me in Madrid and I made the experience that you can choose your audience with whom you would watch the show.

1) in the backroom of a Flamenco Bar with Locals and Tourists

2) with other Tourists  in a Flamenco Bar

3) in the backroom of a Flamenco Bar at a private show with Madrileños only

I went with my mother to Cardamomo, a flamenco bar close to Sol. The flamenco show was stunning and the music great. I booked tickets in advance and they were about 21€. They show the flamenco in a backroom like my motherhad read in her book. What she liked best is that when you enter the place you first see the bar and they have a doorman waiting to check if your name is on the list. He guides you to your table in the backroom while the other guests have to wait in a queue. After everybody is seated the show begins.

At Cardamomo I have so far seen the best flamenco in my opinion. The dancers were full of strength and passion for their art and  the music sounded full of energy. At the end of the show some friends of the crew went up on the stage and performed an extra show of 10 minutes. It was fantastic. The crowd coming to Cardamomo is mixed but I would say they are mostly locals with some tourist that got attracted while passing the place.

Calle de Echegaray, 15
28014 Madrid
+34 913 69 07 57

When my friends visited Madrid I wanted to take them to a flamenco show but didn’t want to repeat my visit to the same bar. I chose to go to Tablao Villa Rosa, a very pretty place close to Plaza Santa Ana. If you want to go for Tapas first and to a show afterwards, it is a good choice. The flamenco show at Villa Rosa is very breathtaking. The dancers not only show you flamenco up to perfection, they also play with their faces. You can read the tragedy, joy and satisfaction from their faces. Every moment of the show is full of emotions. Beside the dancing flamenco is also about music. The singers and musicians are giving you a great show. Spanish music is very characteristic and not always what we assume as beautiful singing. At Villa Rosa you get transported to a village in Andalucia, the home of Flamenco.

The audience at Villa Rosa did belong to the older generation and consisted mostly of tourist when we went there. Nevertheless we had a great time there. They also offer you food while you watch the show and if you come early you can get a front row seat.

Villa Rosa
Plaza Santa Ana 15
28012 Madrid
Bar-Restaurante: de 12:00 a 01:00
Espectáculo flamenco: Sunday-thursday  20:30 & 22:45
Friday & Saturday  20:30, 22:45 & 00:15
+34 91 182 98 37

I went to a rather private flamenco show with some of my colleagues. A friend of on of them is a flamenco dancer in her free time and she was giving a show at a less famous bar in La Latina. Even though it was a different level than the shows I have seen before, I liked it very much.

The audience was only madrilenos and the dancers showed us all their passion for flamenco. It was less crowded than at Villa Rosa and many people coming there knew each other. It was a great opportunity to meet people from Madrid and have a good time.

Flamenco Intimo
C/San Bruno 3
+34 629 00 42 72
Fridays at 22h30


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